Tuesday, January 25, 2011

And Away We Go

There appears to be no escaping the fact that my son, 18 and a high school senior, is bound and determined to be a successful professional drummer. He also has some related businesses he is exploring...more on that later. His grade point is very good, and he intends to go to college - hopefully these goals will work together!

His current band, Sisyphean Conscience, is made up of high school seniors (and one 19 year old) and has already played several gigs. These kids have been enrolled in the Tigard High School guitar program (150 students!) and not only can shred up a storm but actually, cough, read music. A sign in the practice room says, "friends don't let friends read tabs." Their teacher, Mr. Jerry King, rocks. Last night the band was asked by a signed, national touring band to play on their March Portland show at the Hawthorne. More information to follow.

This blog will chronicle the adventure from the viewpoint of "band mom." My other son is a freshman music major (bass) at the University of Oregon, so I will also mix it up with jazz, orchestra, and other stuff from him as well.

So.....let the adventure begin!

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